Upcoming Shows

Happy Autumn!

I have been working away in my studio on new paintings from my Joy Series in preparation for a group show at Westland Gallery in London, Ontario, Nov 27th – Dec 22nd, 2018. This show is going to be gearing up for the holidays so my work will focus on Fall and Winter themed paintings. I have realized during this process that I adore painting snow! I can see so many colour shifts and reflections in the snow from pink to purple, teal, aquas and whites. I hope that you will be able to go to Westland Gallery for this winter exhibition. It truly is a beautiful art gallery in such a nice part of London, Ontario. Wortley Village is a destination in itself with the gallery and cafes, restaurants and beautiful century homes dotting the street.

I will be showing a selection of small to medium sized paintings at the new gorgeous Mixed Media & King W. Books store in Westdale for the entire month of October, 2018. Do go to Dave Kuruc’s store. It is a beautiful addition to Westdale. You can certainly find many a lovely thing there.

I also have the privilege of being added as an artist to Hamilton’s modernfolk.ca! Allison of Modern Folk is a lovely woman who is bringing together a beautiful selection of art shipped across Canada. Modern Folk carries a selection of my landscapes and cityscapes. Do take a gander. You will not be disappointed!

I will also have some small works in Julia Veenstra’s Square Foot Show in December so mark that on your calendars!! December 12 to 15, 2018.

As always, I am having studio tours, private tours and completing commissions. So please do drop me a line if you would like to purchase a unique painting for your home. Original art can totally transform a space. It not only warms a room up but it adds personality and charm. I am ever grateful for your support as I continue my path as an artist. It is the less traveled road but it is worth it!

Keep in touch!

Summer Update!

Summer Update!

This summer is very exciting for me!  I received some new commissions for both portraits and neighbourhood street scenes. I’ve been working hard to show the world my paintings and some lovely galleries have chosen to show my work.

I’m back at Canvas Gallery in Toronto! I took a hiatus for many years to raise my children but I’m back at Canvas, showing my Joy/Movement series! I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to send my work to Beaudry Gallery in Dallas! I can’t wait to see how the Texans respond to my “Dreamscapes”! I’m so thankful!

Next week there is the annual Square Foot at Westland Gallery in London, Ontario. Be sure to make it there. It’s a beautiful gallery in the lovely Wortley neighbourhood. I have 3 small works in the show and hope to show there again!

Currently I am in two shows in Hamilton. I have 3 works in the Summer painters show at You Me Gallery on James St. N. And a solo show at Central Library on the 4th floor. This show features some work I made last year of the Hamilton area called “HOME”. Starting July 15, if you’re in Aldershot, pop into Fit For Life where you will see a selection of my newest landscapes and still life works.

In May, Matilda Swason Gallery in Clarksburg, Ontario took 9 of my paintings. Thank you!  A new boutique on Queen St. W. and Ossington in Toronto has taken on 3 of my water/beach landscapes. If you’re on Queen W. head over to The 6 Oceans Gallery. They sell a selection of boho themed Canadian made gifts and small art works.

My Work

As I continue to paint I feel another shift in my work. I am really enjoying painting the landscape as it is so varied all across the globe. I’ve spent some months painting a series of “Dreamscapes”. These are nautical landscapes that are windswept and beachy. I am drawn to beaches and dream of coastal living as I grew up visiting my Grandma in Tiny, Ontario where the beach is vast and unspoiled. I am starting to explore other Canadian landscapes for the famous rocky mounds and windy trees are so sculptural and fit into my Dreamscape series nicely. I see a tapestry effect coming into my new work that has an almost quilted quality as I explore the planes of the landscape.

As usual, texture, colour, atmosphere and movement are part of my work. I hope these paintings will bring a sense of peace and calm to the viewer.

As always, I am taking commissions. To enquire about that or the galleries and shows, please drop me a line at dana@danacowie.com

Have a happy and safe July!

you me gallery hamilton art crawl super crawl

You Me Gallery “8 Painters” Art Show

If you’re in Hamilton this Friday be sure to head over to you me gallery. I’m in a group show called 8 Painters. 330 James St. North.  Click here for directions.

Dream Big!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post! Boy have I been busy! I was working on my paintings like a machine all winter and then decided to try a booth at the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto. It was a fun experience. I am truly a people person so meeting hundreds of people and talking about my work was very satisfying. It was great to get to know so many people from Canada!
Lately my work has involved the figure in the landscape. I love to capture movement and light. I enjoy painting children as well. Kids are so beautiful and pure hearted. My newest paintings have been inspired by family life. My aim is to capture and remember moments of joy in our lives through painting.
I have a few other projects up my sleeve including the annual West Hamilton Artist tour which is over Mother’s Day weekend in May. That should be fun! I hope you will come out to my studio here in Hamilton to say hello and see my paintings.
All the best!

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and I am anticipating new beginnings! I’m really excited about all the wonderful opportunities that have been coming my way. For the next 3 months you can find my paintings in House & Garden magazine UK, a conde nast publication. From February – April there will be a new artwork selected for their “Art Edit”.
I’m also in the new Mixed Media 2018 “Hamilton” calendar available at Mixed Media on James St.!
Look out for an article about my home and studio in the House & Garden section of the Hamilton Spectator this month written by Katy Renwald!
I will be in a few shows coming up in the new year including the new Dundas Public library and a summer show at the Central Public Library. There are more shows to come so keep a look out for them on my website or on my instagram page.
Happy New Year!
Dana Cowie

Neighbourhood Commissions

I am working on some neighbourhood commissions these days. The historical homes in Hamilton are so beautiful. People take pride in their homes here. Some of them are so old with architectural details that stand out and add character. Not only do the homes have a personality in the way they are built but the lives inside them matter so much too. There are years, even decades of memories attached to a home and that is why I get so many house commissions I think. I love to paint houses too. There are a myriad of shapes and colours within these homes placed in our landscape. Not to mention the plant life and seasons surrounding them. You can get a dramatically different atmosphere from a painting of a summer season house to a winter or fall painting of a home. If you are interested in having a painting of your house. Send me an email. dana@danacowie.com


Wow! I am so refreshed by this new website! Thank you to Harry Gils, my husband. He’s a talented web designer & photographer. There will be new art works posted so please take a gander as you remember me.
This year I am switching back to my beloved oil paint. It has been a long season of acrylic paint since I became a mom. And my children are still little but I think they are ready to not place their hands in mommy’s palette! So back to oil. There really is no comparison. Oil is rich and glossy and tactile. I am so excited to paint more and more – if only there was enough time!!
This year my focus is on the Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton – especially near my neighbourhood of Kirkendall. It is an ever present backdrop in my  life. As I go through my days, walking around the area with my family I enjoy it’s patterning of trees and foliage set straight up in the background like a set design on a stage or in a shop window (reference to my past career as a window display artist). I love to watch the escarpment change. It’s colours and textures as the season roll by. It really is beautiful. The architecture in our area is so nice as well so I often depict that in my work including other daily elements such as cars and people.
I started this exploration with a tiny painting of crushed leaves and twigs under layers of mud and ice fallen on the Bruce Trail. Then I painted a small piece of Tiffany Falls. I’ve also made a painting of James St. South leading up the “mountain” with the escarpment as the backdrop and a house and a winding pathway. Cozy. My next piece will be a nigh time depiction of the Dundurn Stairs.
I’ve also been painting some neighbourhood pieces including the Village Shoe Clinic in Westdale. Going in there is like a step back in time and if you know me – you know I love old things and old people!!
Singing off,