Repost from Westland Gallery

Using an impasto, painterly technique in oil Dana creates an entirely new body of work that studies farm landscapes in a cubist technique. She has relocated to Owen Sound from her hometown of Hamilton and is now surrounded by beautiful barns and rolling hills. Her work is a culmination of years of painting in search of a patchwork quilt effect using thick, expressionist marks. Barns and farmland speaks to Dana as she lives in a rural setting and has good friendships with local farmers.

Dana uses classical oils and paints on her grandmothers 1940’s easel. She prays frequently and sees images as she prays, which inspired her development of the cubist, fabric-like painting practice. She works instantaneously across her canvas, creating layers of colour that overlap as the image emerges through a grid technique that she has developed over years of her practice. The image emerges as both abstract and representational.

Dana has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout her career, including a solo-exhibition in July 2019 at Carnegie Gallery titled Chosen Paths.

Dana Cowie Portrait