Dear friends,

Thanks for following along in my journey as an artist. I’ve been told many times that I am a prolific artist and that always blesses me. I just love to paint and cannot stop myself from being in the studio. It brings me life to be in the act of painting and then further joy to bring my work to my galleries. You can only imagine how exciting it is for me when my work is chosen to live in a beautiful home. I am so thankful!

Speaking of new work, I had a wonderful blast of creativity recently, painting so many new works that I’m pleased with. I’m painting the Canadian landscape in impasto oil. As I paint, I abstract the image in my visual language. Sometimes I add the figure. Right now, as summer is approaching I might paint a swimmer or a diver. I love painting the figure in the landscape.

Here’s a photo of one of my recent paintings on the easel. It is a painting of Killarney Provincial Park. I am always blown away by trees in the landscape and I love to paint them. Some of the recent paintings I’ve made are in Muskoka, Northern Ontario while other paintings are set in British Columbia. This one is called “Warrior, Killarney Provincial Park”, oil on canvas, 24×24″.

In my new, regular blog posts I will be sharing a little bit more about my new work or whatever is going on in my world as a painter. I hope that you will follow along.

I hope that you have a great day, thanks for reading.

Dana Cowie