Dana Cowie, Stella Lake, Vancouver Island Oil Painting

I’m just back from an art delivery to Galerie Bloom in Montreal! I have dropped off 6 paintings there! I will post a link below.

The gallery is in Old Montreal and it is so beautiful. Stephanie, Julien and Samuel run this gallery and I must say, it has a very welcoming feeling. Stephanie Rivet is a wonderful painter by the way!

I went there with some good friends who are very supportive of my job as an artist. That is something I’m so thankful for. It really helps me to feel supported by my family and friends. I also find it most important to have a good friendship and relationship with the gallery owners. That is so key to me and I do feel that I am blessed with that in the galleries I partner with.

We left for home the day before the Grand Prix happened. It was fun to walk about the city with all of the hustle bustle. We enjoyed visiting our usual breakfast haunt, Universal for bagel lox and tried a really cool food market called Le Central. There is such a good energy happening in Montreal. I could live there! That said, it’s great to be home with my family in quiet Owen Sound.

I hope to get to Canvas Gallery in Toronto next week! Please stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!
Dana Cowie